Title RadioProducerYearTag
Malgrado col tempo si sfaldi Radio Papesse Stefano De Ponti 2022 soundscape composition, electronic music, memory, loss
Radia Show 878 | Senta, Pasolini Usmaradio Usmaradio 2022 Pier Paolo Pasolini, performance, radiophonic workshop, Radia
Radia Show 877 | Radiopost(e) Radio ARA Natalie Rubchenkio 2022 experimental, sound postcard, collective, Radia
Radia Show 879 | Get back P-node Charles-Henri Despeignes 2022 electronic music, travel, Radia
Radia Show 880 | Page 38 (language wrinkles) Radio One 91 FM M.P. Hopkins 2022 fm, transmission art, poetry, Anna Fritz
Radia Show 881 | Sometimes I feel like I have no friends RadioWORM Claire Rousay 2022 relationship, field recording, synthesizer, friendship
Radia Show 888 | The Choir Kanal 103 Gjorgji Janevski 2022 folk music, song, Skopje, popular music
Radia Show 887 | KINsequences, a sculpture that wants to get made Soundart Radio Molly Allam, Sovay Berriman, Alan Braidford, Tara Casey, Rachael Coward, Joanne Dorothea-Smith, Claire Gladstone, Tina Kutter, Clementine Neild, Frances Staniforth 2022 surrealism, sculpture, Shelley Hodgson, creative writing
Radia Show 889 | Secret Set Resonance FM Milo Thesiger-Meacham 2022 field recording, Skype, Kadence Neill, Christof Migone
Radia Show 886 | Rituel radioactif de désenvoûtement de la finance Radio Campus Laboratoire sauvage de recherches expérimentales Désorceler la finance 2022 economy, power, resistance, ritual
Radia Show 891 | EA JET FM B2Lngr 2022 electronic music, album, B2Lngr, Yan Hart-Lemonnier
Radia Show 885 | 1336… and beyond? François Wong 2022 Marseille, cooperative, work, Factory
Radia Show 884 | Sound Creature from Cappaduff Radio Zero Slavek Kwi 2022 Body, ecology, nature, ambient sound
Radia Show 896 | 25 Hz Wave Farm WGXC 90.7-FM Andy Stuhl 2022 broadcast, experimental radio, Radia
Radia Show 897 | Sleeplessly, a research of insomnia Radio Student Makis Ananiadis 2022 poetry, river, improvisation, Ljubljana
Radia Show 898 | Machines Making Machines Diffusion FM Philip Curach 2022 improvisation, storytelling, industrial, synthesizer
Radia Show 899 | An S.O.S from Masafer Yatta radioart106fm Meira Asher 2022 home, political activism, Israel, activism
Radia Show 901 | Grotte Song Radio ARA Claire Serres 2022 performance, Rdio Art Zone, Esch2022
Radia Show 902 | A Natural Contract live at NaturArchy Reso Usmaradio 2022 performance, sound art, crown, season 48
Radia Show 903 | I have no voice P-node Julie Coutureau 2022 experimental, spoken word, season 48
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