Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 771 | Latitude (Afro Sonic Sextant) Reboot.fm Satch Hoyt 2020 diaspora, migration, sound mapping, African sonic signifier
Radia Show 772 | Barangaroo Diffusion FM Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson 2020 improvisation, Sydney, field recording
Radia Show 773 | Silence to Language radioart106fm Natacha Orestes, Meira Asher 2020 resistance, feminism, activism, Meira Asher
Radia Show 774 | Kevlar Usmaradio Francesco Giomi 2020 Francesco Giomi, dance, frequencies, improvisation
Radia Show 778 | Locu Radio Grenouille Luciano Maggiore 2020 electroacoustic, season 44
Radia Show 776 | Une Marche Deux Parcours CKUT Marilou Craft, Tamara Filyavich 2020 Canada, lecture performance, women, feminism
Radia Show 777 | Makhtesh Ramon Guest shows Møn, Alina Sauernheimer 2020 desert, Israel, silence, field recording
Radia Show 782 | Milan Sketches Kanal 103 Toni Dimitrov 2020 Milan, field recording
Radia Show 779 | Zugunruhe Radio Campus Amber Meulenijzer 2020 night, birds, Bruxelles, field recording
Radia Show 780 | Vertigo Soundart Radio Sue Coulson 2020 river, water, soundwalk, Brexit
Radia Show 781 | Waiting for the barberians Radio Zero 2020 poetry, Constantine P. Cavafy, barberians
Radia Show 783 | Close-Shaved Sardine Resonance FM Ed Baxter 2020 loop, repetition, words, text
Radia Show 788 | L’inconnu est notre forme Campus Paris Anaïs Denaux 2020 mix, collage, Clémence Fermé, Anaïs Denaux
Radia Show 789 | Hand in Hand with a stranger RadioWORM Laura Agnusdei 2020 South, Rotterdam, Italy, Sicily
Radia Show 791 | Abre Cadavre Orange 94.0 Vienna Radia Collective 2020 covid-19, cadavre exquis
Radia Show 790 | Listening's Urgency Radio Corax Hardi Kurda 2020 live, radio performance, listening, covid-19
Radia Show 792 | Bouncing Off RadioWORM Rene Uijlenhoet 2020 science fiction, music, experimental documentary, season 44
Radia Show 787 | Post-Pop Meta-Vision radio x Igor Stromajer 2020
Radia Show 793 | Radio PANdemIK Radio Panik Radio Panik 2020 Bruxelles, activism, covid-19
Radia Show 794 | More than a pandemia TEA FM TEA FM 2020 season 44, covid-19
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