Radia Show 952 | Irc Theatre

produced by π Node


Irc - Internet Relay Chat - is what brought P-node together, a bunch of small entities streaming from somewhere at the break of the century. The chat linked them, they had different servers, different bots, some useful some that made a marasma flood that made communication impossible.

First version of the Irc theater was an idea during P-node's first residency in Berlin where they read all comments on their website, via vocal synthesisers on side on the FM waves of Deutchland Radio Kultur, and a human voice on the AM frequencies used by the same radio. It was an exit stereo experiment, possible to hear the whole thing with two radios.

As of today P-node still keeps a deep link to IRC , if you log on to the site you will be an anonymous pat15 or pat456. A few members have been developing new irc tools, they now have control over different stream URLs , and a great irc commanded synth that they use during their IRC theater sessions that go on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 19:00 CET on p-node.org

This Radia session is a small compilation of the first weeks of work from the server recordings.



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