Always seeking new ways of storytelling, Radio Papesse works in the field of audio production for museums and cultural institutions; we have been conceiving hybrid formats flexible enough to fit a multi channel distribution and the mobile experience.

Making art speak to people, writing for the ear, finding balance between technology and contents, meeting commissioners and translating their language into diverse speeches are our goals. Whether it is about producing soundwalks, documentaries, interviews, whether it is about developing web applications or real-time location based services, Radio Papesse always works in order to set the best knowledge experience for users and visitors and to connect museums and institution to their audience much beyond the first meeting.

Thanks to a multi-year experience, Radio Papesse garantees its partners a network of experienced professionals - graphic designers, sound designers, musicians, radio producers, video makers - and a wide set of skills: from project planning to content design, from script writing to recording, from post-production to distribution.


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