Radio mainly is a system of relations, a complex triangulation between listener, transmitter and system... [Gregory Whitehead]

Firmly believing in the possibility of going beyond the medium and willing to discover and get lost into new radio territories, Radio Papesse intitiates cultural projects, produces and sometimes commissions on-air/on-line/on-site projects: from La Radio a Pedali Radio on Wheels [a bicycle parade that brought the soundwave of hundres of radios in the streets of Florence] to Nuovi Paesaggi [an ambitious residency project with which we invited 5 sound artists to work in the Tuscan territory], from Children of Unquiet [a biennial production project that brought artist Mikhail Karikis in the Devil's Valley] to Süden Radio [an ongoing project on the exploration of sound as a tool for critical thinking listening to sound productions beyond the Western world]. From Arno Atlas [a series of stories from and about the Arno river in Firenze] to Home Made Electronic Workshop [together with Nicolas Collins, one of the circuit bending pioneers].

If you'd like to share ideas and develop new projects with us, do not hesitate to write us:
Radio Papesse is and independent association, please make a donation if you'd like to support our future projects. Every sigle cent is worth a million! 

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