Arno Atlas is a series of audio documentaries commissioned by Progetto Riva - Estate Fiorentina 2013 and produced by Radio Papesse. 


Arno Atlas is a project of sound mapping of the Arno river in Florence: a collection of episodes to narrate its stories, anecdotes and voices, to tell how the river has been shaping the florentine urban landscape and how the city itself has perceived its presence along the centuries. 


On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the tragic flood of 1966, Radio Papesse is releasing two new chapters of this long story: we all know very well the mud angels and their spontaneous and moving initiatives to save the Florentine cultural heritage, and we love them but we thought to give voice to other stories, to approach this dramatic event from another perspective, that of the emergency as a driving force of two new innovations in the Florentine cultural and scientific production: the birth of restoration as a science, the emergence of the radical movements at the turn of the Sixties and Seventies.

This audio content is available only in Italian.

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