Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 758 | Benjamin - Sounds along the tramway Radio Papesse 2019 Firenze, sound art, Benjamin, tram
Radia Show 757 | How it is Radio Helsinki 2019 experimental, radio drama
Radia Show 756 | Passage Pending Resonance FM Agata Kik, Ania Mokrzycka, David Rousell, Catharine Cary, Ed Baxter 2019 live, train, season 43, Irruptive Chora
Radia Show 752 | MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS Radio Campus Séverine Irène V. Janssen 2019 minority, Bruxelles, feminism, lesbian bar
Radia Show 751 | Frog in Wild Radio Grenouille Jean-Baptiste Imbert 2019 Marseille, landscape, field recording, fountain
Radia Show 750 | Enttäuschungen (disappointments) Radiofabrik Peter Haas 2019 mixtape, Radiofabrik, amateur
Radia Show 749 | Magic sound box CKUT 2019 mix, sound art, language, radio art
Radia Show 748 | A matter of water? Radio ARA Luca Piparo 2019 migrants, sea, environment, Climate change
Radia Show 747 | Secondo John Cage Usmaradio Alessandro Caccuri, Giulio Urbini 2019 John Cage, workshop, season 42, San Marino
Radia Show 746 | #poemontrial_next phase radioart106fm Meira Asher 2019 Palestine, political art, poetry, experimental documentary
Radia Show 745 | A Diary of a Billion “Nobodies” Diffusion FM 2019 sound collage, season 42
Radia Show 743 | Ma‘am, there is no such thing in reality Radio Student Nina Dragičević 2019 voice, capitalism, opera
Radia Show 742 | Programming Environments Wave Farm WGXC 90.7-FM Jen Kutler 2019 Paul Feitzinger, Messica Arson, Sarah GHP, live coding
Radia Show 741 | Tell them not to kill me. A mexican tale TEA FM Juan Rulfo 2019 Mexico, literature, Juan Rulfo, Mexican Revolution
Radia Show 740 | How can the cat be both dead and alive? Radio Panik Magdalena Le Prévost 2019 Canada, radio marathon, noise, indigenous
Radia Show 739 | The Horse RadioWORM Lukas Simonis, Alexander Iezzi 2019 therapy, psycho-thriller, season 42
Radia Show 738 | This is a mistake! Orange 94.0 Wiener Radia Kollektiv 2019 Digital, computer, glitch, season 42
Radia Show 737 | No Ravens Left for the Funeral Radio Corax André Damião 2019 residency, radio art, season 42, instrumental
Radia Show 736 | Mother Drone and Other Ancient Spirits of Great Power CFRC 101.9 FM Jeremy Kerr 2019 drone, season 42, demons
Radia Show 735 | Gaia Drifting in the Sky Campus Paris Julie Rousse 2019 nature, earth, field recording, electromagnetic waves
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