Radia Show 936 | Disembodied paths

by Joana de Sá


Walking alone generates embodied comprehension through non-intentional encounters with the dynamics of specific places, especially remote conversations. This is a personal interpretation of sound and conversations in which, I non deliberately, solely, insert myself.


Produced by: Joana de Sá
Cellos: Louis Wilkinson


Joana de Sá (2001) is a Portuguese sound artist from Viseu. In her work, she seeks to explore textural sounds, derived from field recordings, articulated with phrases made from guitar, synthesizer or voice.
After loose themes released on Soundcloud’s personal profile, in 2022 she released the album “Shatter” by the Portuguese Sirr-ecords, having presented and collaborated on sound pieces for the festival “Radio Art Zone” or at the Champalimaud Foundation, in collaboration with several artists about Metamersion II.

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