Radia Show 878 | Senta, Pasolini

a new session of The School of Radio


Usmaradio – Research Centre for Radiophonic Studies presents a new session of The School of Radio: during December 2021 at Arena del Sole theater in Bologna (Italy), it’s been aired live on Usmaradio the radio performance “Senta, Pasolini” – freely inspired by texts of the italian writer and intellectual Pier Paolo Pasolini – by and with Anita Barbi, Francesco Cecchi Aglietti, Virginia Cimmino, Dario Fini, Inés García – Pertierra García, Francesca Lepiane, Dino Lopardo, Giulia Mento, Stefano Moretti, Lea Paiella, Andrea Pelliccia, Emanuele Regi and Francesca Miranda Rossi.


This is the result of the session – conducted by Roberto Paci Dalò – of the School of Radio within the course “Theories and practices of new forms of theatrical writing” promoted by the Iolanda Gazzerro Theater School – permanent laboratory for the actor as part of ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro Foundation.

The participants worked for a week on the theory and practice of radio dramaturgy with particular attention to voice, vocality, technologies and performative radio.


The guest of honor was Andrea Borgnino, director of the new RAI RaiPlay Sound platform which it’s been launched on 8 December 2021 where its genesis and objectives were been exposed in Bologna.


This is a special Radia edit, the complete performance it’s available at this link.


partner ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro, Scuola di Teatro Iolanda Gazzerro – Laboratorio permanente per l’attore, RAI RaiPlay Sound, Arena del Sole di Bologna, Usmaradio, Giardini Pensili

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