Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 959 | RADioArt Version 2024 TEA FM Chuse Fernandez, TEA FM Radio Workshop 2023 Daphne Oram, workshop, sound art, oramix
Radia Show 935 | Can we talk, dear AI? TEA FM Chuse Fernandez 2022 Chuse Fernandez, train, ChatGPT, AI
Radia Show 844 | Goya 275 TEA FM Chuse Fernandez 2021 Spain, painting, Season 46, Francisco Goya
Radia Show 871 | Murray Schafer, In Memoriam TEA FM Chuse Fernandez 2021 soundscape, Raymond Murray Schafer, Michael Southworth
Radia Show 794 | More than a pandemia TEA FM TEA FM 2020 season 44, covid-19
Radia Show 741 | Tell them not to kill me. A mexican tale TEA FM Juan Rulfo 2019 Mexico, literature, Juan Rulfo, Mexican Revolution
Radia Show 768 | El Mundo Grita TEA FM 2019 riots, South America, Chile, Colombia
Radia Show 685 | Sensathesia TEA FM Laura Sierra, Stel Garcia 2018 colour, experimental documentary, field recording, senses
Radia Show 626 | What dreams are made of TEA FM Chuse Fernandez, Pablo Ribot 2017 dream, radio art, season 38
Radia Show 654 | Deaf Ears - Oidos Sordos TEA FM TEA FM 2017 Spain, identity, protests, season 39
Radia Show 574 | Travel Sounds TEA FM Chuse Fernandez 2016 Spain, Colombia, travel, field recording
Radia Show 600 | Radia Special Collage TEA FM Chuse Fernandez 2016 mix, radio art, season 37
Radia Show 525 | Interstellar Sound TEA FM Chuse Fernandez 2015 electronic music, NASA
Radia Show 550 | James Joyce. The sound of words TEA FM Chuse Fernandez, Bernard Clarke 2015 poetry, docu-fiction, Lanfranco Binni, James Joyce
Radia Show 476 | Randonn TEA FM Chuse Fernandez 2014 TEA fm, acoustic ecology, soundscape composition, Chuse Fernandez
Radia Show 500 | Une libération (sonore) de Paris.1944-2014 TEA FM Chuse Fernandez 2014 Paris, 1944, World War II, season 33
Radia Show 427 | Crisis what crisis TEA FM Chuse Fernandez 2013 reportage, economy, documentary, season 30
Radia Show 451 | Linea 33 on strike for a job TEA FM Santi Ric 2013 TEA fm, Mexico, reportage, soundscape composition
Radia Show 358 | Oramic Radio Sounds TEA FM Chuse Fernandez 2012 BBC, Daphne Oram, electronic music, composer
Radia Show 380 | Sounds of music the music of sounds TEA FM Laura Romero, Daniel Caleno, Miguel Deza, Chuse Fernandez 2012 music, Zaragoza, Escuela creativa de Radio
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