Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 732 | Radia Miro JET FM 2019 birds, improvisation, bells, carnival
Radia Show 759 | Radis En Rats JET FM Alain Rocourt, Baryline Tone 2019 improvisation, live, season 43
Radia Show 676 | radiAphonium JET FM Anne Laure Lejosne, Soizic Lebrat 2018 dance, experimental, cello, binaural mic
Radia Show 617 | Villa B JET FM Christophe Havard, Fabrice Arnaud-Crémon 2017 clarinet, Nantes, live electronics, binaural mic
Radia Show 565 | CHANT IV JET FM Golem Mechanique, Antoine Lang, Alexis Degrenier 2016 Dante, Hell, Nantes, season 36
Radia Show 591 | La Pierre du vivant (extraits) JET FM Pascal Quéru 2016 dance, season 37, choreography
Radia Show 514 | Carte Blanche JET FM Julien Quentel 2015 sound sculpture, nature, soundscape, Nantes
Radia Show 540 | Fantôme JET FM Henri Landré 2015 France, sound installation, comics
Radia Show 466 | Rather than nothing JET FM Luc Méhari 2014 Jet FM, transmission art, interferency, feedback
Radia Show 490 | Live by Herv JET FM Herv Moire 2014 Nantes, electroacoustic composition, season 33
Radia Show 417 | Cerebro JET FM Nathalie Blanc, Amaury Bourget 2013 radio play, sound poetry, season 30
Radia Show 442 | Cueillette JET FM Luc Kerleo 2013 Kara Walker, Jet FM, sound object, reportage
Radia Show 394 | Laos Dreamin' JET FM Anne Laure Lejosne 2012 reportage, identity, soundscape, Laos
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