Radia Show 676 | radiAphonium

by Lejosne and Lebrat


Please for this show, put your headphones !!!


What is binaural sound ? It’s a recording technique that try to reproduce the natural human hearing, created by our head and ears. This three dimensional acoustic experience is not a new idea, it’s been experimented since the 60’s. But it seems there is a new boom for binaural recordings…


With some musicians and dancers, we decided to experiment this binaural stuff, recording sounds simply using 2 little DPA microphones stuck in our ears in order to create new sensations to our listeners. This project is called RADIOPHONIUM. And here are some « work in progress » pieces extract from our experimental sessions.

Bon voyage…


1/ Drei Punkt #1 – (5’20) / by Anne-Laure Lejosne
Flutes: Juliette Faure
Cello : Soizic Lebrat
Dance : Alice Duchêne
Switching between Alice and Juliette’s ears.


2/ Dispositif BACH : Prélude
From the prélude of the 1st cello solo suite by Johann Sebastian Bach.
2 speakers and one cellist playing the Prelude with different speed and one dancer carrying the microphones in her ears. Can you hear the movement ?


3/ Cello à roue électrique et à archet & appeaux #1 – (4’46) / by Anne-Laure Lejosne
Electrical wheel activated on a cello and dubbed by two speakers mounted as to shape a triangle. The microphones are in the sound recordist's ears, moving up and down.


4/ La petite hirondelle
Cello : Soizic Lebrat
Voice : Alice Duchêne
Microphones in Soizic’s ears


5/ Dispositif BACH : Sarabande
Dance and ears : Alice Duchêne


6/ Sol #2 – (4’) / by Anne-Laure Lejosne
Microphones into cellist's ears and into the dancer's.
Cello : Soizic Lebrat
Voice : Alice Duchêne
Flute : Anne-Laure Lejosne


7/ Dispositif BACH : Gigue
Dance and ears : Alice Duchêne


8/ Sol#1#2#3 – (3’35) / by Soizic Lebrat


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