Radia Show 591 | La Pierre du vivant (extraits)


This week Radia Show is presented by JET FM and it is produced by Pascal Quéru:

"Trained as a visual artist, the sound is for me a textured material which moulds space and time. Electronic or concrete sounds, meeting of random and cycle, back and forth between dodecadecimal structures and games of mixed sounds native frequency, games of sound sources for the audience to contribute to a singular and expressive landscape.
My meeting with
Evelyne Jolivet, choreographer, was the opportunity to put this sound approach into practice to her project of contemporary dance trilogy la pierre du vivant, spread out to 5 dancing scenes.
In this collaboration, above the expression serving the choreographer poetic intention, some questions were quickly asked: how to keep on going together, Evelyne Jolivet with her movement writing, me in my sound answer building ? How to compose in the stage area and in the timing allowed to a human body (the dancers) ?
A common approach of creation and several steps (iterations) contributed to this project completion: Evelyne and I are welcoming the sharpness, breaks, accidents and other material mishaps from the one to the other. It follows an accomplished and distinctive show… a stimulating experience.
After few prolific trials here and there, Evelyne and I will be developing improvised performances adding to it other disciplines." 
[Pascal Quéru]

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