Radia Show 891 | EA

by B2Lngr for Jet fm


Radia Show 891 comes from Jet.fm 91.2 [Nantes, France] and it is produced by B2Lngr. EA was recorded live at home, at the bottom of the garden, in a small old litlle barn, last June 2021.

"With this audio material-friend (Roland MC101 – piano – SOMA synth EtherKorg monotronArturia MicroBrut – free birds and remix session livecoding (foxdot thank you Vlad), slow tracks but some that mixes themselves, say “hello” and then leave.

Short titles, like pieces of stories: a Code and a drama – The fall – so far – Pied sans à terre – a late sound – Ether – The hesitation waltz – 101 sonorities, absent texts, a voice that we wait for."

Mastering: Yan Hart-Lemonnier
Artwork: Monajamois
Thanks to p-node.org

In you are interested check this out: Un pied à terre, Expérimentation RADIO on p-node.org


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