Radia Show 565 | CHANT IV


This weekly Radia Show is presented by JET FM in Nantes - France - and it's an electroacoustic composition for radiophonic broadcast produced by Golem Mecanique - voice, magnetic tape recorders device, drone box - Antoine Lang - voice, reading - and Alexis Degrenier - mixing and mastering - where the source of inspiration is Dante's Inferno.

"I walked for a long time with Dante on my mind.
Wandering in the infernal circles was for me a true allegory of my perpetual search of meaning.
In Canto IV, I chewed the words, I drew a new topography of the circles, I distorted the speech.
A work that I started years ago with ”Inferno”, a reinterpretation of sound process and over recording from and that I used in Canto IV
I invited Antoine Lang, a Swiss artist who works on the destruction and organic manipulation of the spoken, sung, whispered sound.
His guttural appearances intensify the idea of a perceptible hell.
An invisible forest. A tense contemplation."
[Alexis Degrenier]

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