Radia Show 839 | 24h de la création radiophonique

A special show by Jet FM


Last April 17th & 18th 2021, JET FM organized the 4th edition of the 24h Radiophonic Creation Contest.

A very simple invitation - open to everybody involved in radio and sound - and two basic rules: the radio pieces to be submitted had to be ten minute long maximum and participants had only 24 hours to produce them. But no genre of format constraints. This year topic was Machine Arrière (i.e. backward machine but also stoping the way you do things and maybe trying another way).

JET FM received more than 20 pieces, all available HERE and also THERE.

For this special Radia Show we welcome four of them:
La Nuit Au Théâtre – Machine Arrière
Déserter C’est Créer – Augustes Mémoires, machine arrière
Spaghetti Bolognaise – Ressorts
Cervisiam Potantes ad Coetus de Felibus – EOS


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