Radia Show 844 | Goya 275

a sonic exploration of Goya's Brlack Paintings


Francisco de Goya is considered one of the greatest artists in history, considered the father of Contemporary Art. This year 2021 marks the 275th anniversary of the birth of this universal Aragonese.


There is no doubt that Francisco de Goya was an artist in continuous contact with the ideas of his time, through all his usual channels of diffusion: social gatherings, friendship relations, literary works or the periodical press.

Let us discover through the combination of sound inspirations based on Goya’s Black Paintings, the variant path of light, as the birth of a force similar to life, going through the inescapable stages of the enigma in which existence lies as we experience it. . From the genesis to the rooms that unravel us, it reaches the darkness of the dream, to approach its end. Where everything ends and disappears. Although it could well be that it emerged at some time, beyond consciousness.

GOYA 275. A TEA FM Radio School Production.

Voice: Luis Trebol

Sound Design: Chuse Fernandez

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