Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 673 | Samvær Under Tilsün ON ICE Radio Nova Øyvind Mellbye, Einar Goksøyr Åsen 2018 techno, Oslo, Synth, Øyvind Mellbye
Radia Show 614 | NaEE RoBErts Radio Nova Sandra Mujinga 2017 electronic music, cassette tape, season 38
Radia Show 647 | Gas production Radio Nova Vidar Martens 2017 soundscape, field recording, season 39, energy
Radia Show 511 | Between Radio Nova Vidar Martens 2015 film, sound track, cut-up
Radia Show 537 | JeanLuc Godard's Weekend Radio Nova Yngvild Rolland 2015 film, electroacoustic, archive, Lanfranco Binni
Radia Show 588 | Forgetfulness Radio Nova Magnus Oledal 2015 listening session, sculpture, Norway, new age
Radia Show 463 | Ouverture Radio Nova Lutz-Rainer Müller, Stian Ådlandsvik 2014 road trip, car, speed
Radia Show 487 | Teddy Love Radio Nova Hans Kristen Hyrve 2014 radio play, science fiction, sex, Oslo
Radia Show 414 | Oro Radio Nova Cecilia Hultman 2013 poetry, sound poetry, Oslo, science
Radia Show 439 | Yaris AM 153, 225 and 1611 Radio Nova Cedric Stevens, Vidar Martens 2013 transmission art, Oslo, soundscape, Norway
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