Radia Show 439 | Yaris AM 153, 225 and 1611


This week Radia Show is brought to us by the folks at Radio Nova (Oslo) and has been produced by Cedric Stevens and Vidar Martens.

What you hear is a field recording taken from the inside of a Toyota Yaris, driving through the city centre of Oslo in 2010.

The radio is being changed between the different AM frequencies 153, 225 and 1611 at a high volume. Since AM frequencies is poorly supported in Norway, the Yaris pick up mainly electromagnetic signals from the surroundings like the tram, hospital or its own engine, instead of ordinary radio transmission from radio broadcasts. The Toyota Yaris works like a vehicle for translating non-perspective surroundings to sound, as well as transporting passengers. This creates an exploratory AM soundscape of central Oslo.


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