Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 929 | Untime Therapy: The art of detuning radio x miss.gunst 2023 transmission art, therapy, time, radio art
Radia Show 905 | Errant Waves in Arcadia radio x Gabi Schaffner 2022 Datscha Radio, frequencies, Gabi Schaffner, radio waves
Radia Show 856 | Lost Origins radio x Gabi Schaffner 2021 Datscha Radio, frequencies, Gabi Schaffner, birds
Radia Show 787 | Post-Pop Meta-Vision radio x Igor Stromajer 2020
Radia Show 733 | The Dog That Licked Up A Star radio x Gabi Schaffner 2019 Taiwan, deceleration, Hengchun, orchid
Radia Show 760 | Of seeds and lichen radio x Kate Donovan, Gabi Schaffner 2019 Julia Drouhin, Datscha Radio, seeds, community garden
Radia Show 677 | Resounding Bangalore radio x Gabi Schaffner 2018 India, soundscape, performance, field recording
Radia Show 646 | 3¦×Fń–Qé3 = Mià† radio x Igor Štromajer 2017 poetry, computer, language, season 39
Radia Show 618 | Landunter radio x Lasse-Marc Riek 2017 sea, sound art, field recording, season 38
Radia Show 566 | To the limit of endurance radio x Gabi Schaffner 2016 Venice, travel, field recording, season 36
Radia Show 592 | The journey of the earthworm radio x Gabi Schaffner 2016 frequencies, experimental, imagination, field recording
Radia Show 515 | Savasauna radio x Lasse-Marc Riek 2015 reportage, sauna, nature, soundscape
Radia Show 541 | REM(A)INDERS radio x Diana Wesser, Verena Kuni 2015 poetry, lecture, Frankfurt, mistery
Radia Show 491 | From China radio x Butterland, Regina Dürig, Christian Müller 2014 poetry, radio play, soundscape composition, experimental
Radia Show 418 | Fuer Giesela radio x Lasse-Marc Riek 2013 Digital, noise, nature, electroacoustic composition
Radia Show 443 | Random time radio x Verena Kuni 2013 Verena Kuni, lecture performance, radio, Sue Webster
Radia Show 395 | Ritopek radio x Karl Heinz Jeron 2012 electroacoustic, soundscape composition, Serbia, cut-up
Radia Show 329 | Bratislava shortcuts radio x Time Inventors' Kabinet 2011 archival sound, time, experimental radio, Bratislava
Radia Show 349 | With the wind radio x Martina Kedrova, Norbert Math 2011 experimental, soundscape, wind, Radioart
Radia Show 273 | history exhaustion radio x Francis Hunger 2010 experimental, installation, numbers station, season 23
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