Radia Show 395 | Ritopek


This week Radia show is brought to us by the folks at Radio X from Frankfurt and has been produced by artist Karl Heinz Jeron.

Ritopek is an acoustic field trip through Serbia, a distorted landscape of bent circuits where robots whisper while sleeping and dreaming of an electrical revolution rather than of electrical sheep.

"During my three weeklong vacation in 2012 I visited éagubica, Beograd and Poûarevac in Serbia.
And while I was there I made some field recordings, processed with Audacity, partially changed pitch and tempo, cut into pieces, put together again.
Sources: Valie Djordjevic - Milan Jeron - Cicades - Buskers - Builders - Dogs - Cars - Lorries - Rain - Supermarket register - Taxi driver - Gastarbeiter - Roma kids - Custom noise oscillator"
[Karl Heinz Jeron]

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