Radia Show 329 | Bratislava shortcuts


In march 2011, members from of TIME INVENTORS' KABINET met in Bratislava for a week of collective research on radio as a tool for investigating alternate traces of time.
We used a wide range of methods (a.o. city walks, field recordings, investigations in individual as well as collective imaginations, deliberate data dreaming) to explore topics like time bending, hazy time, wind time, lichen clocks, ecotime zones, shortcuts - the latter to become the focus topic for our radio show.
Based on our observations and findings we developed, performed and broadcast a live radio show on friday, march 18, 2011, as part of the research week's public closing event at hacklab progressbar.

'Bratislava shortcuts' is a collaborative effort by
Guy van Belle (BE), Michal Cudrnak (SK), Nina Czegledy (HU), Barbara Huber (AT/SK), Kruno Jost (HR), Marton Andras Juhasz (HU), Michal Kindernay (CZ), Laszlo Kiss (HU), Verena Kuni (DE), and Jurgen Rendl (AT/SK).

is a collaborative artistic research project at the intersections of ecology, art, and media, taking an ecological approach to observing patterns in time and time control systems. Find out more about TIK at

special thanks to all radio active time inventors; Barb Huber and Michal Cudrnak from col.me for organizing the TIK radio research week; Hacklab Progressbar for hosting us; EU culture programme and Goethe Institute Bratislava for funding us.
In addition to that, Miss. Gunst wishes to thank the following artists and sound collectors for additional material that has been used for the post-production of the show:
bent grandfather's clock based on the sound of a grandfather's clock recorded by digifish and cuckoo clock recorded by morgantj from freesound.org;

radia production: miss.gunst [TBC radio + GUNST + radiator x]
production date: july 2011 [based on a live radio performance + broadcast, bratislava, march 18, 2011]
station: radio x, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
length: 28 min. (and 11 secs.)
Creative Commons 3.0 share alike, TIK radio collective
www.radiox.de - www.gunst.info - www.under-construction.cc/tbcw; www.timeinventorskabinet.org.

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