Radia Show 418 | Fuer Giesela


This week Radia show has been produced by Lasse-Marc Riek for the folks at Radio X in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Listen. Closely. Fall in love with the ants hurrying over the ground. The wind. And the rain. The sounds. And their own music. That is everywhere. Full of memories. Of the past. Of the present. And the future. Yes: this is a love song. Perhaps not the one you've expected. But then: listen. again. Closely. To the sounds. And their own music. That is everywhere.
And Giesela? Who knows. She might be out there. Im gruenen. Les hommes n'en sauront rien...


Lasse-Marc Riek is an artist mainly working in the field of sound art, acoustic ecology and related interdisciplinary research, including cooperations with other artists as well as scientist. He is also the co-founder of GRUENREKORDER, an outstanding label for phonography, sound art and field recordings.


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