Radia Show 451 | Linea 33 on strike for a job


Dismissed 153 city buses drivers and 223 of the company that set up them, are the consequences of the urban transport grant by the municipality of the city of Zaragoza to the Mexican company ADO.

Over forty-five days of strike are turning Ebro capital mobility into something really problematic, yet the solidarity between strikers and users daily breathe! We have collected the sounds of the protest, their bangs, their songs, their claims. No words, just sounds and environments. Without saying anything, we can understand everything.

Discussions, ideas, comments of those who work, suffer and enjoy buses, taxis, subway…

Or just situations that occur in these space. With a careful music selection, in which the lyrics become content.


A radio broadcast built with audios captured by Santi Ric.

Always fighting for the victory…and beyond!


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