Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 928 | No Ground Radio One 91 FM Jennifer Callaway 2023 frequencies, transmission, experimental, radio art
Radia Show 880 | Page 38 (language wrinkles) Radio One 91 FM M.P. Hopkins 2022 fm, transmission art, poetry, Anna Fritz
Radia Show 904 | Tracing the source of the signal only opens the noise of the field Radio One 91 FM Radio Cegeste, Sally Ann McIntyre 2022 Australia, Sally Ann McIntyre, birds, sound archaeology
Radia Show 829 | FAMILY TAPE 4.12.78 SUB MASTER / I Am No Lung; No Radio One 91 FM Samaan Fieck  2021 Body, voice, speech, spoken word
Radia Show 854 | Conditioning Silence: a Sound Recording for the Living and the Dead Radio One 91 FM Martin Kay 2021 home, silence, memory, listening
Radia Show 734 | My Digital Music Collection Radio One 91 FM 2019 sound poetry, portrait, music, list
Radia Show 761 | Homework Radio One 91 FM Tarab 2019 home, space, sound installation, placemaking
Radia Show 678 | Lands End – Rakiura/Ulva Island Radio One 91 FM Edwina 'eves' Stevens 2018 New Zealand, birds, nature, Island
Radia Show 706 | Deep Time Radio One 91 FM Charlotte Parallel 2018 earth, field recording, time, season 41
Radia Show 619 | Listening Through Walls Radio One 91 FM Lucreccia Quintanilla 2017 Australia, sound archive, sound installation, surveillance
Radia Show 663 | A radio séance for Vera Wyse Munro Radio One 91 FM Celeste Oram 2017 New Zealand, improvisation, Celeste Oram, Vera Wyse Munro
Radia Show 593 | a patch of nettles: a selection of works for radio Radio One 91 FM Brittnee Covich, Bernard Clarke, Celeste Oram, Daniel Beban, Leafa Wilson, Mark Williams, Paul Timings, Susanne Kahlich 2016 New Zealand, experimental, sound art, season 37
Radia Show 518 | Hours after hours Radio One 91 FM Samuel Longmore 2015 Aukland, lecture performance, sound object, repetition
Radia Show 543 | If 666 should turn out to be 999 (A Line Hypnosis) by Campbell Walker Radio One 91 FM Campbell Walker 2015 New Zealand, loop, politics, voice
Radia Show 469 | Concréte Radio One 91 FM Jacques Soddell 2014 Viv Corringham, electroacoustic, contemporary music
Radia Show 493 | I was using six watts when you received me Radio One 91 FM Maddie Leach, Jem Noble 2014 transmission art, experimental, community radio, experimental documentary
Radia Show 421 | Taiwan old-new times Radio One 91 FM Johnny Chang 2013 Taiwan, soundscape composition
Radia Show 445 | Quaker Hall Hire Radio One 91 FM L$D Fundraiser 2013 New Zealand, experimental, noise, musique concrete
Radia Show 453 | Protests in Slovenia 2012-2013 Radio One 91 FM RadioCona 2013 reportage, soundscape composition, politics, Youtube
Radia Show 398 | Antipodean field Radio One 91 FM David Haynes 2012 New Zealand, electroacoustic, nature, mountain
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