Radia Show 829 | FAMILY TAPE 4.12.78 SUB MASTER / I Am No Lung; No

from Radio One 91 FM, New Zeland



Speaking: Only that which has sense and meaning should come from the lips of the person who strives for higher development. All talk for the sake of talk (for example, killing time) is harmful in this respect. The usual kind of conversation, in which everything is muddled together, should be avoided. One should not, however, avoid intercourse with others. It is just during this intercourse that speech should
gradually become meaningful. All speech and answers should be carefully considered. Never talk without a reason (rather remain silent). Try to use neither too many nor too few words… 
the propagation of man will be intimately connected with the organ of the larynx… It will be the reproductive organ of the future…

Rudolf Steiner


Read the full transcritp here


Voices: Tilly-Juls • Warwick Fullford • Samaan Fieck • Jane Michaelis • Alan Steele • Sheng Yan • Peter Emptage • Anatol • Cricket • Berri • Hunter
Mastered by Joe Talia
Dedicated to W.G Fullford
Thank you Mark Groves, Sally Ann McIntyre, Treasure Hill Artist Village, W.G Fullford.


Samaan Fieck lives on Gadubanud land, North of the Southern Ocean, surrounded by the Otway Ranges. He is the host of More Than the Ear Can Hold, a weekly broadcast on Apollo Bay Radio (3abr). He has exhibited / performed throughout Australia, Taiwan, Japan and New Zealand at: The Centre for Contemporary Photography, ACMI, Lacking Sound Festival (Taipei), Treasure Hill Artist Village (Taipei), Avantwhatever Festival and CAST Gallery (Hobart) among others. Since moving to the Otways he has provided the composition and sound design for The Sublime and Remain In Light, in collaboration with These Are The Projects We Do Together. He is an active member of Red Wine and Sugar, with Mark Groves.

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