Radia Show 626 | What dreams are made of


This Radia Show is presented by TEA FM Creative Radio Workshop Broadcast; it was edited and produced by Chuse Fernandez with music by Pablo Ribot.

Dreams. Mysterious, bewildering, eye-opening and sometimes a nightmarish living hell: dreams are all that and much more.
As you may know that dream and sleep is not the same thing so dreams and sleep facts are mentioned separately in this program. By close listening, you will skip dreams facts and will navigate directly to cool facts about sleep.

Dreams are an art form in which each of us acts as the sole scriptwriter, director, and producer. Dreams usually reflect current concerns. They integrate past data with recent experience and express the information metaphorically in the form of visual images.
A dream that is not explained is like a letter that has not been read [author unknown]
Dreams can be interpreted on an objective or subjective level:
Objective elements in the dream are related to external events and the person.
Subjective elements in the dream are all strictly seen as part of the dreamer.

Dream symbols are specific to each person, although shared cultural contexts clearly play a role. Symbols arise out of the specific life history of each individual, and it is only within this context that their meaning can be interpreted.
Meaning is determined by the individual's own biographical events, life experiences, and past relationships.

Let’s close your eyes, listen and… dream.

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