Radia Show 654 | Deaf Ears - Oidos Sordos

Not all happens in Catalonia


The works of sound creation of TEA FM always look around to look for those sounds that are hidden behind the silence or the screams, as both contaminate the speech and the listening. In these days, almost all the sounds that arrive at any place of Europe from our latitudes refer to Catalonia.

What is here called train crash, which is nothing more than a dialogue of the deaf in which neither party is able to hear the contrary to arrive at a valid conclusion, stifles any other claim or protest as valid or more like Votarem.

This documentary coming from TEA FM, is born of its own Aragonese identity. Aragon, an uninhabited territory (along with Lapland, of which the least inhabitants per square kilometer has in all Europe), with a proper language that is only spoken by 12000 people and that is cataloged like the more reduced language than those that exist in Europe and a population of just over one million people aged and dispersed in a territory with the size of Switzerland.

It is not a claim program. Nor it meant to be informative. TEA just wants you to listen to those sounds of protests that have been going on since years and that are taking place right now in Aragon. A history of protests whose sounds are silenced and not heard through the media. If the eyes are all for Catalonia, despite what it seems, not all happens in Catalonia! 

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