Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 275 | Glorious Mono Reboot.fm DJ Illvibe, Infinite Livez 2010 film, mix, sound archive, season 23
Radia Show 293 | Zen & Napalm Pharoah Chromium Reboot.fm Ghazi Barakat 2010 Touch Music, musique concrete, radio show, season 24
Radia Show 309 | Raw audio recordings #1 Reboot.fm Gabi Schaffner 2011 experimental, mix, field recording, season 25
Radia Show 311 | Different Looks At Experimentation Reboot.fm Henning Schärfke 2011 radio play, electroacoustic, fiction, reality
Radia Show 331 | Raw Audio Recordings II: Open Classics Reboot.fm Gabi Schaffner, Pit Schultz 2011 cut-up, field recording, season 26
Radia Show 351 | Global Prayers Reboot.fm Piko Be 2011 experimental, talk show, religion, soundscape
Radia Show 397 | ISTANBUL COURTHOUSTEP Reboot.fm 2/5BZ 2012 political art, experimental, Istanbul, Turkey
Radia Show 373 | The time machine UFOS Reboot.fm Daze Dasen 2012 radio play, collage, season 28
Radia Show 430 | MuseRuole Reboot.fm JD Zazie 2013 experimental music, women in sound, festival, season 30
Radia Show 454 | Wind Park Drone Reboot.fm Karl Heinz Jeron 2013 soundscape composition, technology, nature, wind
Radia Show 479 | Jingled Jungle Reboot.fm Sara Lehn 2014 mix, pirate radio, site specific, micro-fm
Radia Show 504 | Datscharadio Audiokomposter Reboot.fm Pit Schultz, Gabi Schaffner 2014 Datscha Radio, transmission art, guerrilla gardening, nature
Radia Show 528 | Hidden Places Reboot.fm Gabi Schaffner, Pit Schultz 2015 Iceland, nature, soundscape
Radia Show 553 | Sicherheitsdienst im Auftrag der BVG @ DIYChurch Reboot.fm Steven Warwick, D.I.Y. Church 2015 electronic music, Berlin, Heatsick, independent space
Radia Show 577 | RADIO 0-3-0 Reboot.fm Emeka Ogboh 2016 migrants, installation, Berlin, refugees
Radia Show 603 | Postcards from ISISTANBUL Reboot.fm 2/5BZ 2016 power, Istanbul, Turkey, season 37
Radia Show 659 | Method Reboot.fm Anna Zett 2017 interview, season 39, tarots, Beijing
Radia Show 688 | Luftung Reboot.fm Anna Bromley 2018 archive, politics, performance, East Europe
Radia Show 716 | Identifying as Anonymous Reboot.fm marimoriko 2018 identity, internet, public speech, anonymity
Radia Show 771 | Latitude (Afro Sonic Sextant) Reboot.fm Satch Hoyt 2020 diaspora, migration, sound mapping, African sonic signifier
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