Radia Show 309 | Raw audio recordings #1


In my work, I try to encourage communicaton, non-hierarchic perspectives and sharing. This is why I like the amalgamation of different media and the experimental shift of identity into/between different cultures. Within this frame, field recording is treated as a carrier of cultural concepts, just as (documentary) photography is a carrier of visually encoded cultural messages. [Gabi Schaffner]

01 Boatmotor, 00'19", 2009 
02 Introduction into Raw Audio, 02'25", 2011
03 Hamepilvet 1, 02'36", 2005 
04 Saippuakaupias 1, 00'36", 2005 
05 Lumilaulu, 00'53", 2005 
06 Lumivalssi 1, 01'35", 2005 
07 Bells + Cars short, 00'33", 2009 
08 Lumenkulta, 02'20", 2006 
09 Uima Uima, 00'24", 2009 
10 Broken Chamber, 01'55", 2006 
11 Jazzy Tank, 03'23", 2006 
12 Fragments of Pipi, 03'12", 2006 
13 kantelePT, 04'47", 2010 
14 La Nautilus II, 01'52", 2009 
15 WhiteFoam, 01'35", 2006 
16 Otto Mötö (part a), 01'46", 2009 
"Finnish Snow-walks and Dances“
A compilation of Finnish snow music and a mixture of traditional as well as current arrangements and fieldrecordings. Collected and compiled between 2002 and 2004 by the music anthopologist Sisukas Poronainen and myself. inofficially Eine Kompilation finnischer Schneemusiken. Released in 2005 as a vinyl (and vinyl only!) by gruenrekorder, Frankfurt.
"Music for Bathrooms & Toilets"
Fieldrecordings/ Sample-Compositions Audioinstallation-CD for use in wet rooms only. 27:31 min. Laminated artist edition (waterproof).
Music for Bathrooms and Toilets explores the intriguing melodies of running water within the human habitat. This CD presents a compilation of bathroom recordings and mixed audio material. Some pieces have been cut with samples from other fieldrecordings (mainly from Iceland) and free mp3- tracks from the internet.? The intention is to create a relaxing atmosphere – not entirely without humour – for the pleasures enjoyed in a private restroom.
A collection of field recordings. FI. 2009
Musiques d’ Orion
11 Field recording compositions FI, F und D. To be released by entr’acte.uk in 2011
Planned for 2012. OTTO MÖTÖ: The Archives of Martti Mauri (1947-2001)
"Otto Möto" deals with the lost and found-again archives of Jyväskylä-born motor engine researcher and modern composer Martti Mauri (1935-2003). Experts herald Mauri's avantgarde compositions as a forerunner of techno and new media music. And yes: This is another concept album by rawaudio. The track broadcasted, "Otto Mötö“, is based on fieldrecordings of Finnish motor (environments) and was edited by Martin Moritz, Hamburg. This is NOT the final version!
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