Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 556 | Sounds of Between Radio Grenouille J.B. Imbert voice, Radioart, cut-up, glitch
Radia Show 263 | Miniatures Radio Grenouille Pierre-Yves Macé 2010 contemporary music, season 23
Radia Show 282 | False Beginner Radio Grenouille Anna Raimondo 2010 Marseille, Naples, soundscape, language
Radia Show 300 | Ekin Degull Radio Grenouille Loise Bulot, Tony Regnauld, Floriane Pochon 2011 radio play, fiction, Gulliver, season 25
Radia Show 320 | An evening with Froggies Radio Grenouille Etienne Noiseau 2011 nature, soundscape, Beau Bruits, sound walk
Radia Show 340 | And the sun came up Radio Grenouille Nicolas Perret, Cedric Anglaret 2011 Karelia, soundscape composition, Radio Grenouille, Russia
Radia Show 361 | Monsters by Bololipsum Radio Grenouille Adrien Decharne 2012 Digital, nature, field recording, season 28
Radia Show 384 | Mahayuga Radio Grenouille Loïse Bulot 2012 electroacoustic, nature, season 28
Radia Show 407 | Out come the wolves Radio Grenouille Nicolas Perret, Cédric Anglaret 2013 Karelia, nature, soundscape, Paanjärvi
Radia Show 432 | La troisième heure Radio Grenouille Clara de As 2013 identity, imagination, electroacoustic composition
Radia Show 456 | Fish are jumpin' Radio Grenouille Marine Quiniou 2013 Etienne Noiseau, Lebanon, clarinet, Radio Grenouille
Radia Show 481 | Variance V Radio Grenouille David Merlo 2014 sound object, nature, installation
Radia Show 516 | Nuit libre Radio Grenouille Naoual Fassal 2015 technology, cut-up
Radia Show 531 | The guide of peripheral conversations Radio Grenouille Adeline Debatisse 2015 word, Lanfranco Binni, pedagogy
Radia Show 582 | L’Étude-aux-Études Radio Grenouille Sandrine Ozerov, Magali Heyries, Oph Dorgans, Jérémie Dessertine 2016 Marseille, experimental, workshop, season 37
Radia Show 608 | APL-C06_GH Radio Grenouille Atelier-Studio Euphonia 2016 remix, workshop, season 38
Radia Show 637 | Internal spirit of collective sound Radio Grenouille Aïller Gredionou 2017 experimental, season 39
Radia Show 667 | Ex Nihilo (nihil fit) Radio Grenouille Kinda Hassan 2018 Marseille, sound installation, city, Season 40
Radia Show 695 | TATIN! Radio Grenouille Radio Grenouille 2018 experimental, workshop, performance, season 41
Radia Show 724 | Radia-Là Radio Grenouille 2019 John Cage, mental illness, psychiatry, radio transmission
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