Radia Show 608 | APL-C06_GH


This week Radia Show - APL-C06_GH - Plastique Sonore - is a sound collage made of works of students in Plastic Arts (Aix-Marseille University) and it's brought to us by Radio Grenouille in Marseille.

Setpoint 1: realize a 1mn piece, focusing on the editing effects.
Set 2: the piece is transmitted to another student to be remixed.

Each student then produces a piece and then receives one to be remixed. The sources are free, but the exercise is designed to explore the characteristics of the selected sounds and their shaping by digital audio mixing and editing tools. You will hear a minute, then his remix, in a course sometimes crude, where the sounds explode.

The first and last pieces are solitary because they were produced last year. A circulation, from one cycle to another ...

The final edit was assembled by Atelier-Studio Euphonia.

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