Radia Show 456 | Fish are jumpin'


This week Radia Show is brought to us by Radio Grenouille and was produced by Marine Quiniou.

Fish are jumpin' - Improvisation. Clarinet and programmed IT device, here it is described in Quiniou’s words:

"We talk about meetings and dialogues. Time is stretching, transposed and staggered tones overlap and answer back one to another. Between the lines, a blending of frivolity, gravity, curiosity and complicity toward the unknown."

Sound recordings and IT patch have been realised within the framework of an artistic and research residence - GMEM, Marseille.


Marine Quiniou is a musician, composer and web designer. She experiments musical writing, research around digital and interactive instruments and e-book.
More infos on Marine Quiniou and Silex Taille Numérique here.

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