Radia Show 384 | Mahayuga


This week Radia show comes from the french frequencies of Radio Grenouille.

An underground and air crossing to listen luxuriant forests, deserts and frozen worlds.
To hear a succession of internal landscapes, of vibrating chrysalis in luminous hatchings, of wild animals shouting towards singing of Earth…
Loïse Bulot makes music from gathering sounds harvested in the course of time. Her practice of electroacoustic music inserts instruments of the world and field-recording.

Sources: dilrouba, xylophone, piano, koto, udu, voix, analogic synthetisor, sound effects and diverses recordings. Thanks to Serge Bulot for recording of tablas, kaïza, udu, xylophone.
Quotations: Musiques du Cameroun- Baka Pygmy music- et du Vietnam- Ca Tru & Quan Ho, traditional music.

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