Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 269 | Klinkende Stad - Sounding City XL Air Various 2010 Flanders, site specific, soundscape, sound walk
Radia Show 288 | Circuit 02 Broadcast XL Air Jeroen Vandesande 2010 Belgium, feedback, installation, communication
Radia Show 306 | Chris Watson's workshop audio diary XL Air Dianne Weller 2011 Chris Watson, workshop, nature, soundscape
Radia Show 326 | Anarchy in the Brewery XL Air 2011 beer
Radia Show 346 - Field Background Radiation Noise XL Air Dieter Van Dam 2011 lecture performance, reportage, soundscape composition, Q-02
Radia Show 368 | VoxPop XL Air Dieter Van Dam, Tomas Vogels, Renee Vermeire, Simon Vandegracht 2012 Belgium, experimental, archive, sound installation
Radia Show 431 | Tuned City student mix XL Air XL Air 2013 Belgium, urban space, Bruxelles, festival
Radia Show 455 | The quiet noisy interview with Hillel Schwartz XL Air Dieter Van Dam 2013 noise, cultural studies, interview, season 31
Radia Show 480 | The Pataphysical Tape Cut Up XL Air Dieter Van Dam 2014 Felix Kubin, sampling, experimental, Radioart
Radia Show 503 | BXL tableau sonore XL Air Lucas Derycke, Cara Cobaert, Maarten Coosemans 2014 reportage, soundscape composition, urban space, sonosphere
Radia Show 529 | Double Trouble XL Air Amber Meulenijzer, Lise Bonduelle, Lukas De Clerck, Alma Söderberg, Dieter Van Dam 2015 dance, microwave, experimental, improvisation
Radia Show 554 | Hertz-eer XL Air XL Air, Dieter Van Dam 2015 Gregory Whitehead, Belgium, radio play, sound poetry
Radia Show 580 | Whale Ballads Coming From An Empty Banquethall XL Air XL Air 2016 sea, water, animals, season 36
Radia Show 604 | Falling stick XL Air XL Air 2016 water, field recording, season 37
Radia Show 658 | Urluberlu is getting Far/Etranger/Vreemd XL Air URLUBERLU 2017 Europe, radio art, season 39, foreigner
Radia Show 689 | Brullend Brein XL Air URLUBERLU Team 2018 improvisation, loops
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