Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 556 | Sounds of Between Radio Grenouille J.B. Imbert voice, Radioart, cut-up, glitch
Radia Show 864 | Loss in Translation Resonance FM Lucia Scazzocchio, Sasha Eyde-Linder sociology, ritual, research, covid-19
Radia Show 262 | Ritmi di Milano Radio Papesse Pain Cuadrelli 2010 urban space, Milan, city, field recording
Radia Show 263 | Miniatures Radio Grenouille Pierre-Yves Macé 2010 contemporary music, season 23
Radia Show 264 | Spam2 Soundart Radio Andrius Savickas 2010 spam, computer, season 23
Radia 265 | Awaiting the waters to rise Radio Campus Frédéric Alstadt 2010 poetry, Christophe Guiraud, improvisation, Venice
Radia Show 266 | Two Factories Radio Zero Carlos Santos, Paulo Raposo 2010 soundscape composition, social engagement, Lisbon, field recording
Radia Show 267 | Orbitary Krapp's Last Tape Kanal 103 Sasa Pavlovic, Zlatko Mitrevski, Riste Aleksovski 2010 radio play, Samuel Beckett, experimental radio
Radia Show 268 | The Transmission Resonance FM R.T. Bhoustard 2010 radio play, experimental, Radioart, language
Radia Show 269 | Klinkende Stad - Sounding City XL Air Various 2010 Flanders, site specific, soundscape, sound walk
Radia Show 270 | Two Languages Orange 94.0 Ernst Reitermaier, Rubia Salgado, Marty Huber, Alfred Grubbauer, Christine Schörkhuber 2010 Austria, poetry, social engagement, Lanfranco Binni
Radia Show 271 | Hanoi Radio Corax Vu Nhat Tan 2010 Vietnam, soundscape, contemporary music, season 23
Radia Show 260 | The Village is Quiet Radio One 91 FM g.bert 2010 Australia, New Zealand, visual artist, painting
Radia Show 273 | history exhaustion radio x Francis Hunger 2010 experimental, installation, numbers station, season 23
Radia Show 274 | wordsandsentences CKUT c.kut 2010 experimental, mix, language, season 23
Radia Show 275 | Glorious Mono Reboot.fm DJ Illvibe, Infinite Livez 2010 film, mix, sound archive, season 23
Radia Show 276 | I am a strange loop Radio One 91 FM Bek Coogan, Torben Tilly, Full Fucking Moon 2010 fm, experimental, season 23, AM
Radia Show 277 | 6 neighbourhoods CFRC 101.9 FM 2010 Kingston, Ontario, Canada, season 23
Radia Show 278 | Radio ZEIT #2 Radio Papesse Pasquale Napolitano, Paolo Napoletano 2010 Pasquale Napolitano, soundscape composition, frequencies, Naples
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