Radia Show 556 | Sounds of Between


This week Radia is presented by Radio Grenouille and it is produced by J.B. Imbert.

Where are these sounds?
Between the words.
It is the chinks which we throw.
They sometimes hide behind.

The harmful garbage of our broadcasting.
Microphone swallows sounds, all of them, the parasites, and in spite of our closed gates, it receives undesirables.
All between ours speeches about the world, between words, this universe made of breathes and tongues smack, is too transmitted, stowaway of the waves.
There are almost more than words.
These connections, these hesitations, these parasites, these chairs which creak are here for the foreground, taking the place which we usually refuse them.

All the sound materials used here were recorded in the Radio Grenouille Studio and mixed at Euphonia.

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