Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia 265 | Awaiting the waters to rise Radio Campus Frédéric Alstadt 2010 poetry, Christophe Guiraud, improvisation, Venice
Radia Show 284 | Semantik live Radio Campus Semantik 2010 Belgium, Body, urban space, performance
Radia Show 302 | Leave in silence Radio Campus Patrick Thinsy 2011 turntable, noise, improvisation, silence
Radia Show 322 | Pamela Radio Campus Sebastian Dicenaire 2011 radio play, sound poetry, metaphysics, season 26
Radia Show 341 | Home Made Radio Campus Deborah Fabré 2011 noise, children, improvisation, intimacy
Radia Show 362 | Carte blanche Radio Campus Meryll Hardt 2012 Radio Campus, Meryll Hardt, season 28
Radia Show 385 | Tanker Radio Campus Françcois Martig 2012 transmission art, electroacoustic, season 29
Radia Show 408 | Bloop Radio Campus Claire Serres 2013 Belgium, reportage, urban space, season 30
Radia Show 433 | Haren Radio Campus Flavien Gillié 2013 economy, nature, Sebastien Marot, John Jackson Brinckerhoff
Radia Show 457 | Finding Chevalier de Quevedo Radio Campus David Chazam 2014 Radio Campus, sound poetry, Bruxelles, season 32
Radia Show 470 | Exquisite corpse Radio Campus Dinah Bird 2014 Dinah Bird, Radio Campus, surrealism, transmission art
Radia Show 482 | Tksitevy Radio Campus Suzy Vincens 2014 sound poetry, improvisation, Aurélie Lierman, Suzy Vincens
Radia Show 506 | Dancing fire Radio Campus Anne Lépere 2014 poetry, oniric, Campus, experimental music
Radia Show 519 | First 100 days by Julia Drouhin Radio Campus Julia Drouhin 2015 Dinah Bird, Julia Drouhin, Radio Campus, reportage
Radia Show 532 | Maria Mariza and maybe Marianna Radio Campus Aurélie Lierman 2015 Belgium, electroacoustic, voice, sound installation
Radia Show 557 | The Valley Radio Campus Baby Kruger 2015 shamanism, electroacoustic, Nathalie Garcia, trip
Radia Show 583 | Koímêsis Radio Campus Moniek, Carine Demange 2016 poetry, politics, Europe, live
Radia Show 609 | Enfonçures Radio Campus Thomas Turine 2016 radio play, war, ACSR - Atelier de Creation Sonore et Radiophonique, season 38
Radia Show 638 | Another Communist Horror Story Radio Campus Iuvan 2017 children, communism, labour, horror
Radia Show 668 | Radio Souvenir Radio Campus 2018 memory, Season 40
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