Radia Show 457 | Finding Chevalier de Quevedo


This week Radia Show - Soliloque de celui qui croisa quelques fous puis la mort, s’en offusque, puis en prit son partie. Voyages du Chevalier de Quevedo - is produced by Chazam and it is brought to us by Radio Campus, since 1980 the radio of the Université Libre de Bruxelles.


For this time, the show is only French speaking.

Chevalier de Quevedo is a Spanish writer, author - in the 17th century - of several picaresque stories. His irony and the sharp reading of the soul of human beings is what stroke Chazam's attention: he decided to give movement to his reading of the motionless de Quevedo's drama simply wandering around his neighbourhood with a recorder.

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