Radia Show 557 | The Valley


The Valley, this week Radia show is presented by Radio Campus and it is produced by Baby Kruger.

In this initiatic travel, the line between what’s real and what’s imaginary isn’t well defined. Is it a dream? Not really. It’s another reality poping out from a down to earth experience, in order to achieve a transformation.
We begin by the psycho-magical action, we talk to the unconscient. The more difficult the action will be, the stronger the benefit will be.

A perilous point is reached, we meet our own demons and they turn out to be our allies. Then the dance starts, the drums are the tools of the trance-formation. The feeling of total freedom is as exciting as it is dangerous, but, as it’s an essential part of the process, we stay and get used to it.

Some memories will remain, like after a dream, then the effects will decrease, but the brainstorming stays. Finally, we end up acknowledging that everything has always been here, that everything is already possible, we just need to take our power back. Everyone can define it with his own words : trip or dreamy trance, fantastic or shamanistic adventure. As far as i’m concerned it’s a call to consciousness.

Nathalie Garcia aka Baby Kruger, is a French electronic musician and sound designer, based in Belgium. Her conceptions of sound and music are versatile enough to work in a wide range of application such as film making, theater, sound art, post production and live performance.
After several years at the forefront of the Industrial Rock scene of Bordeaux within the sulfuric and avant-gardist band Black Hole which she joined at the age of 18, she courted the electro scene. She became a DJ, composer and promoter of events.
Then she went on to perform her own live electronic music where the efficiency of her mighty breakbeats combined with rich harmonic tones were worked clearly with electroacoustic and electronica values.
In the meantime, she creates the new project White Drama, which integrates an abstract hip hop touch and a vocal work, to serve us a unique tapestry of sound in a strange language.
As Nathalie was receiving the 1st price of acousmatic composition at the Conservatoire Musical de Bordeaux, Baby Kruger recorded the album Selkie for the Miami-based Schematic Records, which was founded by Josh Kay of Phoenecia and released the EP “SIIS” on the german label Doumen Records. ??She is actually working her magic on different fronts like radiophonic projects and has just ended the first part of a serie of hybrid documentaries on the animistic practices. She also organizes spatialization concerts and lectures with her Brussels-based collective Maldita.

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