Radia Show 385 | Tanker


This week RADIAshow is brought to us by Radio Campus Bruxelles and has been produced by Françcois Martig

François Martig’s work uses a wide range of media, from sculptural and sound installations to radio documentaries and photography, in order to react on the specific social and geographical context in which it is shown.

Tanker - the title of this show - is part of Robinsonhotel, the long-term project at the centre of Martig’s artistic practice with which he examines the landscape as a social, economical and political space which is subject to ongoing transformation. The artist is furthermore interested in site-specific sound broadcasting. In addition to his visual work, he produces live sound and music performances as well as soundtracks combining soundscapes, field recordings, electro-acoustic and noise music. Martig, who also works as a sound engineer for movies, has collaborated with numerous other sound artists such as Els Viaene, Philippe Petitgenet, Aymeric de Tapol and Mattin.

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