Radia Show 362 | Carte blanche


This week Radia show comes from pluridisciplinary artist Meryll Hardt and it was commissioned by Radio Campus which offered her a carte blanche. A first act in radio.
In a few short radio plays, she brought us a sound drift through her world.
Following her performance works about paid holidays shot in the Center for Legal Holidays in Brussels, Meryll Hardt gives here a sonic following to her reflexion on exotica and foreigness.

Anvers exotique (soundscape)
A life on the Ocean Waves
Etoile Morte
La dérive d'Ophelia
Genetic Catwalk

All compositions are by Meryll Hardt, except "A life on the Ocean waves" (Henry Russell, 1833) and "Fascination" (Marquetti, 1932)
All productions are by Meryll Hardt, except "Fascination", played by Joe Loss and his Orchestra, lyrics and interpretation from Meryll Hardt.

Meryll Hardt is a multitalented artist, inspired by Brecht distanciation, Dada performances and slapstick cinema. She defines herself as a fluid, whose energy collapses with any moving medium.
Fake harmony, predictable confusion, falling and laughing are her connexion to a larger thinking on art itself.
When an egg cutter becomes a gamelan, when the docks of Antwerp sound like Africa, Meryll Hardt is travelling for us. Far away, so close.

She studied at the Ecole de Recherche Graphique in Brussels, can be found at the prix Mediatine, and recorded a sonn-to-be-released 7" for Felix Kubin's label Gagarin Records.

To know more about her, click here and here.

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