Radia Show 322 | Pamela


This week Radia show is brought by Radio Campus Bruxelles and it was produced by Sebastian Dicenaire.

The piece is a metaphysical cheap sentimental novel (in French) which brings the listeners into the undefined worls of Pamela's...

"Pamela, is the hero of a cheap serial which virus extends reaches the reality. pamela is the economical cyclon that threatens a young blonde girl on a wooden balcony. Pamela is a film with no images. Pamela is/Pamela is/Pamela is/Pamela is/Pamela is/Pamela is/Pamela is/Pamela is/Pamela is..."

artist's bio
Sebastian Dicenaire is a french writer and a radio artist living in Brussels, Belgium. He has published two books of experimental poetry (Döner-kebab ; Personnologue) and he is currently working on Pamela, based on cheap sentimental novels. He performs his texts in various places like theaters, public librairies, cafés, festivals and accompagnies himself with self-composed soundtracks. He has shown his work in France, Switzerland, Lebanon and Belgium.

He also regularily takes part in collective performances conceived for radio as well as for festivals. Recently he collaborated with Maja Jantar and Vincent Tholomé on the Kirkjubæjarklaustur project for the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris. The Belgian radio La Première / RTBF has already broadcast two of his radio work: Personnologue in 2009 and Kirkjubæjarklaustur in 2011.

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