Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 262 | Ritmi di Milano Radio Papesse Pain Cuadrelli 2010 urban space, Milan, city, field recording
Radia Show 278 | Radio ZEIT #2 Radio Papesse Pasquale Napolitano, Paolo Napoletano 2010 Pasquale Napolitano, soundscape composition, frequencies, Naples
Radia Show 296 | Life Expectation Radio Papesse Alessandro Bosetti 2010 Lanfranco Binni, Fernanda Farah, Chris Heenan, season 24
Radia Show 314 | Crossings Radio Papesse Barbara De Dominicis 2011 borders, New York, Naples, memory
Radia Show 328 | Radio on Wheels Radio Papesse Alessio Ballerini 2011 Critical Mass, Florence, bike parade, bicycles
Radia Show 348 | All truly Great Thoughts are Conceived While Walking Radio Papesse Carola Haupt, Ilaria Gadenz, Graham Hudson 2011 Graham Hudson, guided tour, urban audio, sound walk
Radia Show 393 | Viandanti Radio Papesse Giulio Aldinucci 2012 Andrei Tarkovskij, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Tuscany, Bagno Vignoni
Radia Show 370 | What you doin' taping Radio Papesse Dani Gale, Achim Lengerer 2012 William Furlong, sound archive, voice, analog
Radia Show 416 | Shadow Walk (Firenze) Radio Papesse Viv Corringham 2013 voice, shadow walk, Florence, Nuovi Paesaggi
Radia Show 441 | Postcards from Italy Radio Papesse Gianmarco Del Re 2013 acoustic ecology, soundscape composition, urban space, Italy
Radia Show 444 | live from Addicted2Random Radio Papesse Knut Aufermann, Tetsuo Kogawa 2013 electroacoustic, Halle, Radioart, live electronics
Radia Show 465 | Cutandslice Radio Papesse Roberta WJM Andreucci 2014 sound archive, djing, Burp Enterprise, cut-up
Radia Show 489 | Birds of Marrakech Radio Papesse Carola Haupt 2014 Morocco, soundscape composition, Biennial, Marrakech Biennial
Radia Show 505 bis | RadiaMIX Radio Papesse Carola Haupt, Radio Papesse 2014 mix, Radioart, cut-up, season 33
Radia Show 513 | VHS tape loop in a magnetic field Radio Papesse Eddie Spanier, Black Monk 2015 loop, magnetic fields, VHS
Radia Show 539 | Proposal for a performance Radio Papesse Jeremiah Day 2015 lecture performance, spoken word, jail, performance
Radia Show 564 | RADIO Radio Papesse Anne-James Chaton 2016 Paris, voice, improvisation, webradio
Radia Show 590 | La experimentación musical en el Perú Radio Papesse Cinthya Robles Rodríguez, Alfredo García Burga, Rosa Dávila López​, Alejandro Cornejo Montibeller 2016 South America, Group of Sonora Research Peru, Peru, experimental music
Radia Show 645 | A journey through the sounds and words of Süden Radio Radio Papesse Radio Papesse, Carola Haupt, Ilaria Gadenz 2017 live, Berlin, Saout Radio, Savvy Contemporary
Radia Show 703 | Ardesia + El Gat Radio Papesse Chloé Despax 2018 Mediterranean, poetry, Barcelona, sound installation
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