Radia Show 296 | Life Expectation


Just a few months ago we officially got involved with Radia and we decided to submit a soundwalk produced by Painé Cuadrelli. Our turn is back again and we are pleased to introduce you, Life Expectation, a sound piece produced by Alessandro Bosetti, a composer, sound artist, collector of sound and voices.

His fascination with language, spoken language and its musicality, is behind our interest in his work and that's why we asked him for a contribution for the Radia Show.

Somewhere in between musical compositions, songs, literary essays, poems or unreligious mantras, close to Robert Ashley, Rene Lussier, Peter Ablinger, Ornette Coleman (or even the asymmetrical rhythms of Steve Coleman and Henry Threadgill), Life Expectations by Alessandro Bosetti is constructed around the intricate emotional, rhythmic and melodic counterpoints of a casual conversation.

Bosetti translates intonations of speech into complex and seemingly orchestral scores where meaning, tone and noise are melted into each other. Several variations of techniques known as shadowing or convolution were used in the making of it. Sometimes digital devices were used, some other times analogue - almost hand made - techniques. He has been pouring words into notes. Notes into noise and then again noise into meaning. He has been exploring spoken languages and the implication of repetition.


Life Expectation is part of Royals (Bosetti, 2010)

Electronics, other instruments and field recordings: Alessandro Bosetti

Text by Alessandro Bosetti after words of Chris Heenan and Fernanda Farah

Mastering : Martin Siewert


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