Radia Show 489 | Birds of Marrakech


This week Radia Show comes no where else than from our very own recorders. It is a non-linear walk recorded during the opening days of the 2014 Marrakech Biennial.


It all started from a terrace during the 2014 Biennial opening days, then moved into the streets; among the crowd, the tourists, people wandering into new territories, just to find unexpected sounds and stories.


A quest that brought us into a misused theatre, then back to the streets, into the old town, where the ancient and the modern mix.


To hop into a taxi, where the outside noises slowly faded into soundart and migration stories; then back to where history meet the contemporary, in the frequencies of Marrakech cranes, into a lost flock, and the Muezzins' prayers.


After days of wanderings and getting lost into the Marrakech dedalus, came an unexpected and healing encounter; but then, it is inevitable to end back again into the crowd until, just turning the corner, everything is relaxed and almost silent.


Just time for a mint tea and the birds come back in, so does the music, and the radios and the car horns.


The new birds of Marrakech.


This show only uses raw field recordings, without any effect, and it is an invite to take your time and be taken into thin noises as well as deep drones, different languages and unreadable soundbites.


Among other things the field recordings include:

  • fragments of the preview-press-tour by Hicham Khalidi and Alya Sebti
  • live recordings of Clara Meister’s Singing Maps and Underlying Melodies performed by Kamarstudios, Choeur des Maman Douées de Dar Bellarj and Si Mohamed Soudani
  • Shezad Dawood’s In Towards the Possible Film (2014)
  • car recordings of Saout Radio Ici.Maintenant.Où?
  • Freq_out 10 soundcheck at Theatre Royal
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