Radia Show 348 | All truly Great Thoughts are Conceived While Walking

Radia Redux


Radio Papesse is glad to present All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking (Sondaggio: Torino), a collaboration between Radio Papesse and Graham Hudson, 2011 artist in residence at Bivaccourbano Residency in Turin, an artist-run space and residency program curated by Progetto Diogene. Sondaggio:Torino is a soundwalk, a city tour accompanying listeners along a journey from of the most ancient part of Turin (the Quadrilatero Romano) to the more peripheral area of Corso Regio Parco. Our guide, Graham Hudson, is accompanied by Turin based writer and musician Luca Morino and by Francesco Diciotti, member of the Torino Archeology Group.

The soundwalk includes words and speculations about both historical and contemporary Torino. Along the way Graham Hudson talks about his work, his interventions on the architectural space of Torino, and his evolving sculptures provide ?eeting landmarks that play between these transition and history.

The original soundwalk is 45 minutes long, this Radia Edit takes the listener into a quicker visit of Torino, resulting in a documentary that let the listener discover corners of the city as well as know Graham Hudeson’s work, philosophy and art. The focus lands more on Husdon’s interventions and sculpture installations along the streets of Torino.


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