Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 264 | Spam2 Soundart Radio Andrius Savickas 2010 spam, computer, season 23
Radia Show 283 | Fruitcake by Cheyenne and Calypso Soundart Radio Lucinda Guy 2010 teenagers, community radio, summer, documentary
Radia Show 301 | Surface Sound Soundart Radio David Strang 2011 installation, season 25
Radia Show 321 | Andalusian Sound Journey Soundart Radio Anna Keleher 2011 Spain, soundscape, field recording, season 26
Radia Show 342 | See What I'm Saying Soundart Radio Shelley Hodgson 2011 Gregory Whitehead, Radiohead, repetition, language
Radia Show 386 | Radio Dreaming Soundart Radio Claire Cot, Anna Keleher 2012 Ireland, acoustic ecology, soundscape composition, voice
Radia Show 363 | Reflections on Floating Messages Soundart Radio Annie Gosfield, Lucinda Guy, Chris Booth, Ariane Delaunois 2012 WWII, concert, residency, contemporary music
Radia Show 409 | Dogs and Architecture Soundart Radio Ergo Phizmiz, Radio Anywhere Ambassadors, Lucinda Guy 2013 animals, Radioart, architecture, season 30
Radia Show 434 | Number twelve Soundart Radio Sophie Wilder 2013 Pauline Oliveros, improvisation, experimental music, contemporary music
Radia Show 458 | Factors Soundart Radio Lucinda Guy 2014 soundscape composition, birds, UK, rehersals
Radia Show 483 | Transmissions Soundart Radio Lona Kozik 2014 public space, transmission art, experimental, electroacoustic composition
Radia Show 505 | That thing about repetition Soundart Radio Alice Armstrong, Chris Booth, Sarah Gray, Lucinda Guy, Chris Mockridge, Shannon Mockridge 2014 soundscape composition, craftsman, documentary, artisans
Radia Show 507 | Against the tide Soundart Radio Jared Pope, Rafael Aptroot, Sue Coulson, Lucinda Guy, Matthew Jee 2014 soundscape composition, river, experimental documentary, interview
Radia Show 558 | The Curiosity Overcomes You Soundart Radio Alice Armstrong, Ben Fielding 2015 reportage, docu-fiction
Radia Show 584 | Casting Soundart Radio Soundart Radio 2016 communication, Victoria and Albert Museum, broadcast, season 37
Radia Show 610 | Täglich Tapes Soundart Radio Lucinda Guy 2016 reportage, Halle, Radio Revolten, cassette tape
Radia Show 639 | Thing Enough Soundart Radio Tony Whitehead 2017 UK, field recording, season 39
Radia Show 669 | Bodies of water Soundart Radio Laura Irving 2018 ecology, water, Season 40
Radia Show 697 | Assisi Machine Soundart Radio Kerry Priest 2018 drone, technology, nature, collage
Radia Show 726 | Plugholes Soundart Radio Catherine Guy, Lucinda Guy 2019 journey, Lukas Simonis, sea, radio drama
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