Radia Show 726 | Plugholes

A new collaboration between Catherine and Lucinda Guy


Plugholes is a radio drama by sisters Catherine and Lucinda Guy.
They have been collaborating all their lives, making up silly plays and songs.


A woman embarks on a journey down the plughole with her bath water, becoming a pirate when she reaches the sea. As she is tossed around on the storms of capitalism, parenthood, environmental activism, and animal exploitation, the needle of her moral compass spins.

Written, recorded and mixed by Catherine and Lucinda Guy, January 2019
at The Worm/Klangendum Studio, Rotterdam.
Produced by Lukas Simonis


Lady – Catherine Guy
Seahorse – Lucinda Guy
Narrator – Nienke Terpsma
Committee member – Rob Hamelijnck


Additional music and roles by RE#SISTER:
Zeynep Aslan
Marte Boomsma
Mariëtte Groot
Inge Hoonte
Tamara van Suylekom
Melanie Rieback

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