Radia Show 639 | Thing Enough


“The density of being makes it promiscuous, always touching everything else, unconcerned with differentiation. Anything is thing enough to party.”
[Ian Bogost, Alien Phenomenology, or What It’s Like to Be a Thing]

This Radia show was brought to us by Soundart Radio and it has been produced by Tony Whitehead.
Tony Whitehead is a field recordist from South Devon in the UK with a particular interest in quiet and the natural environment. He runs Very Quiet Records and helps organise the Quiet Night In concert series.

Selected Discography
Underwater Jeph Jerman/Tony Whitehead
Placed Jeph Jerman/Tony Whitehead
Cartridges, piezos, static fields and broken electronics Tony Whitehead/Francisco Meirino
-S- Darius Ciuta/Tony Whitehead
Church Tony Whitehead
Looking for Connections Slavek Kwi/Tony Whitehead
Measure Tony Whitehead

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