Radia Show 505 | That thing about repetition


This week Radia Show was brought to us by the folks at Soundart Radio and was produced by Alice Armstrong, Chris Booth, Sarah Gray, Lucinda Guy, Chris Mockridge and Shannon Mockridge.

That thing about repetition, that I just keep finding in so many bits of my life.

For this show the producers have visited the studios of craftspeople to learn more about their creative process, the materials they use, how they came to do what they do. They recorded their voices and their work to create "the radio craftsperson's toolbox" - a collection of sounds for crafting new radio works that explore the creative process.

You will hear from:
Michael Honnor, printmaker
Hilary Burns, basketmaker
Taja, potter
Yuli Somme, feltmaker
Chris Taylor, ceramics

This show is a collaboration between Soundart Radio, Devon Guild of Craftsmen and the Community Media Association

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